Reliable Heat Technology for Production and Research

Product Range Heat Technology
4. Heat Technology

Emission Test Chambers to Characterize Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

3. Emission Testing

Stability Testing in Comliance with FDA and GMP: We offer you professional advice.

2. Stability Testing

Environmenmtal Simulation: The undisputed standard in product development and quality assurance

1. Environmental Simulation

Test systems for energy storage

To assure this safety in your laboratory during tests with lithium batteries in a temperature- or climatic test chamber, we can offer safety devices, which are adjusted to the EUCAR Hazard Level at an optimum.


Save Energy with „Green Mode“

Save over 40% of electrical energy and many tonnes of CO2 with our "green mode" product series of thermal and climatic test chambers.


Heat Technology

Innovative Heat Technology from Vötsch

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